Uptime Monitoring

Your websites are constantly pinged to ensure they are up and running. No one likes a down website.

Daily Updates

We automatically update all your plugins, themes, and cores everyday. A screenshot is then uploaded to the dashboard.

Content Backups

We've got your back. Siterack runs a complete backup of your site every 3 days and stores them in the dashboard.

Error Scans

Using A.I. enhanced technology, we run daily "error scans" to check for errors and failed processes.

Client Reports

Generate a weekly, customized, report for each site and present it to your clients as a white-labeled product.

Email Support

We are here when you need us. Submit a support request in the dashboard and we'll jump to your aid.


If something goes wrong with any of your websites, we let you know. An email will be sent with the details.

Beautiful Dashboard

View status, check updates, and download backups inside our simple and intutive dashboard. We think you'll like it...

Built for freelancers by freelancers

We understand what it's like to be a WordPress freelancer... Lot's of deadlines, themes, plugins, updates, and sometimes impatient clients. We've been there.

That's why we built siterack. A place to easily update, maintain, and provide support for your clients. All while taking the pressure off of you.

We've even priced siterack to ensure you profit from using our service, which means we encourage White-Labeling. Win-Win!