Uptime Monitoring

All of your websites are pinged every 60 seconds to make sure they are alive and well. If an error is reported back, Siterack assesses the problem and will send a note to let you know.

Daily Backups

SiteRack automatically runs a daily backup of all your sites and securely stores them in our cloud. All backups are displayed in your site's Control Center so you can easily search for the one you need.

One-click Restorations

Restoring a site is super easy. Just select the backup you need, click [Restore], and SiteRack will take it from there. When it's done, SiteRack will send you a notification.

Safe Updates

Before each update, SiteRack grabs a backup -- just in case. Afterwords, SiteRack incrementally updates each package and scans the site for any issues or failures using our A.I. Error Detection system. If anything goes wrong, SiteRack will automatically restore the most recent backup and let you know.

A.I. Error Detection

The SiteRack error detection system is a novel approach to discovering issues before they crash your site. When it scans your site, it looks for problems and quickly decides if there are any critical issues. Scans are run daily, and every millisecond during updates.

Malware Scans

Using dual-method, malware detection technology, the SiteRack Malware Engine runs daily scans looking for and removing any malicious packages. The system uses a combination of Yara rule and signature violations to detect the malware and automatically remove it upon discovery.

Client Reporting

Generate beautiful, detailed reports to present to your clients as a white labeled product, complete with your company name and logo. You can generate as many as you need, as often as you like.

Health Reporting

SiteRack automatically runs daily health-scans to gather infromation about your site's overall health and peformance. The results are displayed in the site's Control Center as an easily digestible overview.

White Labeling

SiteRack was built for white label use. That means no branded plugins or watermarks to deal with. You and your company are free to claim SiteRack's awesome features as your own!

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